October 26, 2010

Halloween Terror

This will be, what? The 7th annual Halloween Mixtape... Download here and/or peep the playlist. Check it. Bump it. Talk shit. Share and share alike, whatever. Just let me know what you think.

Happy Halloween kiddies - Enjoy!

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September 17, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Wed. 9.15.10 7A.M.

When asked to write One more poem I felt afraid Afraid of the unknowing Yet the juice lives there When I close my eyes So here is a peek Of under Bo skies Twelve Harrier gulls Line Stinson sand…and Two crows chase randomly In the fog, stand grandly Softly waves fall Out in the mist As I get the gist Of pen and wrist Etch with each twist Still out in the mist Softly waves fall Endlessly the love Flows streaming from this bay Fits all like a glove A home for heart to stay -Right here today, on the Bo Bay

September 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

A little Ehspicey

Download HERE

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May 10, 2010

April 16, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Thursday, April 15, 2010

-Jon Moore

Lime green
Splotch's spread
Down hillsides seen
O’er a seal's head

Poking through
Cherub sized
Water smoothed
Big brown eyes

Beach galore
Stretch far and wide
Sand as much
As stars on high
(at night)

Gray moved in
Dropped ten degrees
Wind chill factored
Made me sneeze

Dogs ramble to and fro
A Lab takes a dip
Folks ramble too and so
The fresh seen sun
Can warm our wit

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

April 7, 2010


The Old Western Saloon
Friday, April 9 - Lariats of fire
Saturday, April 10 - Twang Ditty
Sunday, April 11 - the Huddy,s

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, April 9 - Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas
Saturday, April 10 - This Old Earthquake

Station House Cafe
Sunday, April 11 - Paul Knight & Friends

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Saturday, April 10 - Kitka, a benefit for the Community Center

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, April 9 - F.L.I. High, Microwave, High Class, I Think My Name is Andy
Saturday, April 10 - Wayward Guns - Cloverleaf Drive, The Blenders, Kids With Guns

McNear's Mystic, Petaluma
Thursday, April 8 - Beer Pairing Night
Sunday, April 11 - Sean Hayes plus Green String Farm Band
Tuesday, April 13 - An Evening with Dark Star Orchestra

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Thursday, April 8 - Lloyd Brown w/Soundproof
Friday, April 9 - Too Short
Saturday, April 10 - Mill Valley Philharmonic
Sunday, April 11 - Erika Alstrom CD Release Party

Peri's, Fairfax
Wednesday, April 7 - Whiskey Pills Fiasco
Thursday, April 8 - Antar Blue Band
Friday, April 9 - Cole Tate Band
Saturday, April 10 - Night at the Opry 2: Danny Montana & the Bar Association, Rusty Evans and Ring of Fire, Alex Call and Holy Cow. Benefits the SF NARAS Musical Instrument Drive

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, April 7 - David Talbot with Phil Bronstein / 7:30 p.m.
Friday, April 9 - Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm King

Mill Valley Masonic Hall
Saturday, April 10 - Aaron Redner / 8 p.m.

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, April 9 - ED EARLEY BAND
Saturday, April 10 - Shana Morrison
Sunday, April 11 - WTJ2: Featuring Wendy Fitz

April 6, 2010

April 2, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Wed., March 31, 2010

-Jon Moore

Sculpted from tides
Liquid chopped sides
Going to come again
Hard to say
Where or when

Sands of time
Rest on these shores


Mountain tops melted

Residing in these sculpted shears
For this moment only
In all of earth’s years

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Bo Bay Today, Wed. March 24, 2010

-Jon Moore
Change range

Look anew
One lone gull
Staring at you

Morn scorn
Squeal deal
Feed me
Be real

Even critters
Inside me
They be lookin’
For something to eat

Dogs a’walk
Pull their masters
Who walks who?
Who walks faster?

Here it is
This is it
Harbor seals
Twist and dip
Roll and flip

What a trip

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

March 31, 2010


Wednesday, March 31 - Point Reyes Books presents: filmmaker and author Annie Leonard reading from her new book THE STORY OF STUFF / 7 p.m.

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, April 2 - Milk Drive and Joy Kills Sorrow

Old Western Saloon
Friday, April 2 - Friends of the River

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Tuesday, April 6 - Give Back Tuesday at Iron Springs Brewery, Fairfax

Station House Cafe
Sunday, April 4 - Easter Sunday with Bart Hopkin: solo guitar

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, April 2 - Buddy Owen Band
Saturday, April 3 - Maria Muldaur

Peri's, Fairfax
Saturday, April 3 - Benefit for Doctors Without Borders: FlanelHed, 35R and The Hold Outs.
Wednesday, March 31 - (W+T)J2
Thursday, April 1 - Dj Mojo

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Friday, April 2 - First Friday's Reggae Party! Soundproof, Adam Twelve
Saturday, April 3 - Foreverland, A 14 Piece Tribute to Michael Jackson, Barley Manilow
Sunday, April 4 - 19 Broadway Swing Band

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, March 31 - In the Lyme Light: Andy Abrahams Wilson and Kris Newby in conversation with Jane Ganahl / 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, April 1 - Earth Abides:Barbara Aliza, Artist, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: Audible Visions / 8 p.m.
Friday, April 2 - DjangoFest Mill Valley Concert

Mc Near's Mystic, Petaluma
Friday, April 2 - Crown City Rockers with BLVD and DJ Malarkey

March 29, 2010

March 26, 2010

Mux Mool

... is pretty much the shit. Yeaaaah! So taste the tastiness: "Wax Rose Saturday" from the new album Skulltaste. Or peep Mux Mool on Myspace

This one from Mr. Collins, (aka DJ Deevice) at PCR. Thank you!

If I don't love you

This is a re-post from the amazing DustySevens... Just lovin' the Spring.

Bobby Reed - If I don't Love You


Dance Palace Community Center
Thursday, March 25 - West Marin Health Coalition presents: A special showing of “Money Driven Medicine”
Friday, March 26 - Milenko Matanovic
Saturday, March 27 - Turtle Island Quartet

Station House Cafe
Sunday, March 28 - Ingrid Noyes & Paul Shelasky

Bolinas Community Center
Sunday, March 28 - BCC Annual Membership Dinner & Meeting: local cuisine, award ceremony and board elections

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, March 26 - the 85s
Saturday, March 27 - Volker Strifler Band CD release party
Sunday, March 28 - Bueno Brothers

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Friday, March 26 - California Landscape Painting as a Chronicle of Environmental Change: artist and teacher Anne Faught reviews 175 years of landscape paintings in California.

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, March 24 - FUNKANAUTS & Special Guests
Thursday, March 25 - Bluesetta Band, Low Life Brothers
Friday, March 26 - Johnny Vegas & The High Rollers
Saturday, March 27 - IPA Blues Night! w/ The Smokehouse Gamblers, The Dogtown Rambler
Sunday, March 28 - River Werx Jazz / 3 p.m. Brazilian Carnival with Wild Tribe / 9 p.m.

142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley
Thursday, March 25 - Laugh Your Way To Love, Debbie Campo, Joe Nguyen and Ali Mafi
Friday, March 26 - Stand Up! An evening of dining and comedy benefiting Oak Hill with Host Mark Pitta
Saturday, March 27 - Savoy Brown, Featuring Kim Simmonds
Sunday, March 28 - Vegas in the Valley, Starring Jonathan Poretz

Peri's, Fairfax
Wednesday, March 24 - High Rhythm Hustlers
Friday, March 26 - The Hold Outs features Bart Hacker, Mark Antonio, Kalyan Godden and Benjamin Trumbo.

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma
Friday, March 26 - An evening with Pride & Joy
Saturday, March 27 - Zepparella plus Calm & Chaos

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Thursday, March 25 - Project 86, Flatfoot 56, Wavorly + guests
Saturday, March 27 - The Phenomenauts, The Revolts, Peelander (from Japan), The Subtones

March 10, 2010


Anybody already thinkin’ this, ‘sides me? Thanks JL, Kaboom! (Mondo Boys :: Weird Summer) Dug from Aquarium Drukard.

And another with the hotness.


Point Reyes Dance Palace
Saturday, March 13 - Keola and Moana Beamer: Slack Key Guitar
Sunday, March 14 - Annual St. Patrick's Day Festival and BBQ

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, March 12 - Learning Curve
Saturday, March 13 - Petty Theft
Sunday, March 14 - THE COWLICKS

Station House Cafe
Sunday, March 14 - Pete Madsen

Old Western Saloon
Friday, March 12 - Blackout Cowboys
Saturday, March 13 - the Rev Tones

Smiley's Schooner Saloon
Wednesday, March 10 - Larry’s Karaoke
Thursday, March 11 - This Old Earthquake
Friday, March 12 - WTJ 2
Saturday, March 13 - Savanna Blu
Sunday, March 14 - OPEN MIC with Cheyenne
Monday, March 15 - Sucker Free – Reggae, dance hall, rap

Mystic Theater, Petaluma
Thursday, March 11 - David Wilcox plus Jan White
Friday, March 12 - Del McCoury Band

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, March 12 - Thought Vomit, Entangled, PMRC, Deceased
Saturday, March 13 - Seeds of Hate, Hypoxia
Monday, March 15 - Twiztid, Potluck, Kung Fu Vampire
Tuesday, March 16 - The Devil Makes Three and Mad Cow String Band

Peri's Fairfax
Wednesday, March 10 - The Continentals
Thursday, March 11 - Friends of KBT Studio
Friday, March 12 - Breakin Bread
Saturday, March 13 - Sabbath Lives
Sunday, March 14 - Sexy Sunday

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, March 10 -FUNKANAUTS & Special Guests
Thursday, March 11 - Jazz Search West
Friday, March 12 - Junior Reid, Andrew & Wada Blood
Saturday, March 13 - Crossroads School of Music / 11 a.m., Moonalice / 9 p.m.
Sunday, March 14 - Jules Broussard & Guests

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Saturday, March 13 - St. Patrick's Day Youth Talent Show, Lagunitas School Multipurpose Room / 4 p.m.

Mill Valley Masonic Hall
Saturday, March 13 - Lavay Smith
Sunday, March 14 - Haiti Benefit

Coda Jazz and Supper Club
(1710 Mission Street at Duboce)
Saturday, March 13 - Aram Danesh and the Super Human Crew, with Skerik and Radioactive

March 9, 2010


Its The…

Obviously gets filed under the "re-post" category. But why don't you – also while you're at it – put it on the to-do list and file that back in the super-dope section, too.

Emerging Sounds (who I love to love) drops any number of tracks from Moodgadget: lovers and sponsors of all sorts, themselves.

This one, in particular, comes from the up-and-doing, "Charles Trees."


March 8, 2010

March 4, 2010


Suppose this is something of a re-post (via the ever-inspiring PercussionLab), but hey—its rad! They call it CASSETTE NYC a "

There's any number of amazing sets here, presumably from live parties, somewhere else in space, some-when else in time: here's one from PercussionLab. Or, there's this.

Cassette February 20, 2010 - Public Assembly from thank you! Shooting Stars Pro

CASSETTE Jan 30th 2010 @ PARISLONDONWESTNILE from Shooting Stars Pro.

Just do yourself the favor. (Now's a good time...)

March 3, 2010


The Old Western Saloon
Friday, March 5 - Honeydust

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Thursday, March 4 - John Kaufman: 3-D Stereo Photographs
Friday, March 5 - Aux Cajunals with Special Guest Brandon Moreau
Saturday, March 6 - 15th Annual Trivia Bee
Sunday, March 7 - The 76th Annual Inverness Garden Club Primrose Tea

Station House Cafe
Sunday, March 7 - Tim Weed with Debbie Daly, Paul Knight & Annie Staninec

Smiley's Schooner Saloon
Wednesday, March 3 - Larry’s Karaoke
Thursday, March 4 - Laura Meyer Visit: myspace.com/laurameyermusic
Friday, March 5 - California Honeydrops http://www.myspace.com/thecaliforniahoneydrops
Saturday, March 6 - Whiskey Richards
Sunday, March 7 - OPEN MIC with Diana
Monday, March 8 - Sucker Free
Tuesday, March 9 - Pool Tournament

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, March 5 - Hillstomp, The Brothers Comatose, Waters
Saturday, March 6 - Benefit for the Butter & Eggs Days Parade: Blackout Cowboys, The Make, B Kills the C - Zap Syndicate
Sunday, March 7 - E-40, Husalah

McNear's Mystic, Petaluma
Friday, March 5 - Igor and the Red Elvises plus The Pyronauts
Saturday, March 6 - Sons of Champlin

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, March 3 - New Bands and Buddy Owen
Thursday, March 4 - 5 Minute Orgy & Friends
Friday, March 5 - Lutan Fyah & the Quinto Sol Band
Saturday, March 6 - Old Jaw Bone, Ali Weiss Band, Ellen Elizabeth, The Courtney Janes
Sunday, March 7 - 19 Broadway Swing Band

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, March 3 - Filthy Rich: Written by Lynne Kaufman, Directed by Chris Smith
Friday, March 5 (thru Sunday) - Marin Youth Performers: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Masonic Hall, Mill Valley
Saturday, March 6 - SONIC STRUT

Peri's Fairfax
Wednesday, March 3 - Whiskey Pills Fiasco
Thursday, March 4 - VINTAGE CITY: Miles Schon & Friends, Cup O' Joe
Friday, March 5 - Royal Deuces

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, March 5 - DAVE GLEASON and the Golden Cadillacs
Saturday, March 6 - BUD E. LUV
Sunday, March 7 - SEDUCERS

February 26, 2010


Old Western Saloon
Friday, February 26 - Lonesome Heroes
Saturday, February 27 - the Eldorados

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Saturday, February 27 - Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion
Sunday, February 28 - The Story of Straw / 3 p.m.

Peri's, Fairfax
Friday, February 26 - Tom Finch Group
Saturday, February 27 - Buxter Hootn
Sunday, February 28 - Songwriter's night
Monday, March 1 - Open mic
Tuesday, March 2 - Kristin Lagasse

Rocker Oysterfellers, Valley Ford
Sunday, February 28 - Easy Leaves

Bolinas Community Center
Saturday, February 27 - Mardi Gras Party: Music by Bobo Tempo with the Boa Bunda Dancers, food, parade, costumes.

Station House Cafe
Sunday, February 28 - Charlie Hickox & The Medicine Ball Band

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, February 26 - DANNY UZILEVSKY
Saturday, February 27 -THE 85's
Sunday, February 28 - WTJ2 - RAY WYLIE HUBBARD / 7:30

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Friday, February 26 - Swamp Thang & Jonny Keigwin, Elvin Bishop
Saturday, February 27 - Melvin Seals & JGB
Sunday, February 28 - River Werx Jazz / 3:00 p.m., Brazilian Carnival with Wild Tribe / 9 p.m.

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Friday, February 26 - (monthly)"Parent's Night Out" - Dinner, movie and fun. RSVP required / 5:30-10:30 in room 9. There is a fee for this event.

McNear's Mystic, Petaluma
Saturday, February 27 -
"Benefit for Sadie's Haven Horse Rescue" with music by The Jeremy Bauman Band
Sunday, February 28 - CB3 (Chris Berry Trio) with special guest Steve Kimock, plus Youssoupha Sidibe and the Mystic Rhythms Band
Tuesday, March 2 -
Acoustic Alchemy plus The Pine Needles

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, February 26 - Sleeping Giant, The Waiting Ends, Burn the Ruin, All For Nothing, We Set Fire
Saturday, February 27 - Jello Biafra and the Guantamano School of Medicine, Cormorant - Ashtray

February 25, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Wed, Feb. 24, 2010 8am

-Jon Moore


Inside to out
Tides be going
Rain clouds prevail
No sun is showing

Pounding surf
From Stin to Muir
Floating foam
It’s sea fur!

In-line marching
Foam in ranks
Mid-channel winding
Where gulls pull pranks

Fog draped canyons
Bo Ridge disguised
Blue just broke through
These stormy-wise skies

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

February 21, 2010

That's No Moon...

Ringo Deathstarr - via the lovely Ms. Reed (and the amazing ACID MATH ((or thru the back-end, "Fogo na Caixa D'√°gua" )) )

Where I'm From

2-17-10 by |the All Day Music show|

Pop Noise

Details: Music, art. Various locations/times. Worth doing.

The Noise Pop festival is an obvious engine and key staple supporting local ears and artists, al while bringing Yoko Ono back to the stage, playing Oakland this week.

Its happening all around you, peep the CALENDAR!

February 19, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Wed, Feb 17, 2010 8am

-jon moore

Softness floating
Not a ripple seen
Lagoon’s leaching
The scene’s serene

Boats on anchor
Three sit silent
In the mist
Crows caw hell-bent

Gulls as well
Chomp on crab
Squeal and squawk
Acting like they’re mad

Then cormorants
Fly lightning quick
Wing tips flapping
As they roll and dip

Into the mist
Ocean bound
Over that softness floating
Before quiet is the only sound

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

February 18, 2010

Space, and Beyond!

(Much respect to m. Brilliant for the rec!)

Break-A-Way Planets! (Ghostly International)
(.zip) with the blessing of the Ghostly crew.

Or, bust the facts on the next, latest

February 17, 2010


The Old Western Saloon
Saturday, February 20 - Amha Baraka's Bob Marley Tribute

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Saturday, February 20 - Point Reyes Books presents: TC Boyle, Author of Wild Child / 7 p.m.
Sunday, February 21 - Piano Concert Series: Tien Hsieh / 4 p.m.

Station House Cafe
Sunday, February 21 - Stephan Tamborski (from the Artifacts) Big Tamborski

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Sunday, February 21 - Artist Reception: Philip Wadsworth & Marianne Hale - Early and Recent Works

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, February 19 - Top Shelf, Natural Incense
Saturday, February 20 - Wayward Guns, Rule 5, Free With Purchase, The Blenders

Mc Near's Mystic, Petaluma
Friday, February 19 - The Kingdom Of Zion Tour -- Alborosie &The Shengen Clan plus Luv Fyah and Binghi Ghost backed by the 7th Street Band&Brass Matics
Saturday, February 20 - Gallagher- Looking for Intelligent Life Tour
Sunday, February 21 - G Love and Special Sauce plus Redeye Empire
Tuesday, February 23 - Medeski Martin and Wood

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, February 17 -
Buddy Owen 5 p.m. / Diamond Jazz 7 p.m. / Jack Van Paris & Company / 9 p.m.
Thursday, February 18 - Vs. Them
Friday, February 19 - Wonderbread 5
Saturday, February 20 - Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics, Chosen Few
Sunday, February 21 - Lone Star Retrobates / 3 p.m., FAIRFAX Local Musician's Night!
Monday, February 22 - Open mic

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, February 17 - Domo Geshe Rinpoche: The Real You
Thursday, February 18 - Writers with Attitude #6
Friday, February 19 - Writers with Attitude #6
Saturday, February 20 - Robben Ford with Toss Panos and Jonathan McEuen, Anne Kerry Ford

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, February 19 - Big Ben and his Snakeoil Saviors
Saturday, February 20 - Willie K with Avi Ronen and Joe Cano - "Hands of Fire"
Sunday, February 21 - Houston Jones

Rocker Oysterfeller's
Sunday, February 21 - Stratospheres



February 16, 2010

Flying Lotus

Warp Records has opened up three teaster cuts in anticipation of the forthcoming album by Flying Lotus – in other words, get your own. 3 recent *non album* tracks here

Private Life

by Grace Jones

Check the tune, via the ever-amazing: Monorail

or the video

February 11, 2010

This event sells out.
Don't pass-up your chance to see this
award-winning benefit concert of acoustic duets
(and support your radio station at the same time)!


The Old Western Saloon
Friday, February 12 - Cheatin Kind
Saturday, February 13 - Buddy Owens Band

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Saturday, February 13 - Sweethearts of the Radio

Station House Cafe
Sunday, February 14 - San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival: Paul Knight & Friends with Heartstrings members: Melissa Nygrea / vocal, guitar; Eliza Doyle / vocal, banjo

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Saturday, February 13 - Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, February 12 - BAUTISTA
Saturday, February 13 - TOMMY CASTRO
Sunday, February 14 - Mike Lipskin & Dinah Lee / 4 p.m.

Rocker Oysterfeller's
Sunday, February 14 - Way To Go Joes

Peri's Fairfax
Wednesday, February 10 - Swing Dancing Lessons, The Continentals
Thursday, February 11 - Dj Mojo
Friday, February 12 - Samuka and the Wild Trib

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, February 10 - Batrhyme, Diamond Ortiz
Thursday, February 11 - Acacia
Friday, February 12 - Milestone & The Holdouts
Saturday, February 13 - Reggae Veteran Michael Rose
Sunday, February 14 - 2nd Sundays with Jules Broussard & Guests
Monday, February 15 - Open mic

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Friday, February 12 - Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir
Saturday, February 13 - Maria Muldaur

Masonic Hall, Mill Valley
Saturday, February 13 - TIM HOCKENBERRY
Sunday, February 14 - David Nelson Band

McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma

Friday, February 12 - Loudon Wainwright III w/ Solid Air
Saturday, February 13 - The Lost Boys plus Cloverleaf Drive

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, February 12 - Top Shelf, Natural Incense
Saturday, February 13 - Wayward Guns, Rule 5, Free With Purchase, The Blenders

February 6, 2010

Speak on Up!

2 03 10 by |the All Day Music show|

February 5, 2010

February 1, 2010


Bad Memories via the great, This is Tomorrow (thank you!)

January 29, 2010

No, it don't cost a thing



Old Western Saloon
Friday, January 29 - Mushrooms
Saturday, January 30 - Friends of the River$

Smiley's Schooner Saloon
Friday, January 29 - "Third Thursday"
Sunday, January 31 - Sucker Free: Hip Hop/Spin

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Sunday, January 31 -
Piano Concert Series: featuring Mack McCray

Station House Cafe
Sunday, January 31 - DUETS & RARITIES with The Copasetic Trio featuring Bonnie Hayes, Tim Eschliman and Kevin Hayes performing American roots, R&B & jazz

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Thru January: Serenity Knolls Group Show, Artists in Sobriety.
Saturday, January 30 - Banana, Live! Record release party

McNear's Mystic, Petaluma
Saturday, January 30 - Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, January 27 - Wretch Like Me: Written and Performed by David Templeton
Thursday, January 28 - Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
Friday, January 29 - Ska Legend, English Beat / 8p.m.

Masonic Hall, Mill Valley
Sunday, January 31 - Help for Haiti / 2 p.m.

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, January 29 - Natasha James, Tequila Time
Saturday, January 30 - Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
Sunday, January 31 - Jeb Brady Band / 4 p.m.

Rocker Oysterfeller's, Valley Ford
Sunday, January 31 - Easy Leaves

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Friday, January 29 - Faraway Brothers (Eric McFaden, Ed Ivy and friends)
Saturday, January 30 - Casual (Hieroglyphics) Z-man, DJs Quest
Sunday, January 31 - Brazilian Carnival with Wild Tribe / 9 p.m.

Bo Bay Today, Wed, Jan 27, 2010 8am

-Jon Moore

Ribbon of blue

Frosts like cake
Across the ridge
Above the lake

The tide is in
Full monty
Cormorants float
A ducky jaunty

Debris strewn

Bo streets
Storms subside
Folks greet

Shorebirds sit
Drowning in the din
On Stinson spit
Playin’ grab-ass in the wind

Terns are turnin’
Into the hue
Of scattered clouds breakin’

And that ribbon of blue

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

January 25, 2010

Jason McLean and painter Madeline Fitzpatrick team up for this sculpture and painting exhibit: Opening reception takes playce Saturday night, February - 5:30 thru 8:30 p.m. The show will be displayed in Toby's Gallery (downtown Point Reyes Station in the back of Toby's Feed Barn, 11250 Highway One) for the month of February.

January 24, 2010


January 22, 2010

Narrated History of the "Amen Break"

Via Laughing Squid

Phone Calls

the All Day Music show 1-20-10

Bo Bay Today, Jan 20, 2010

-- by jon moore

My Olds is rockin’
Back and forth while parked
Winds push my tush
Like being nudged by a shark

Angry ocean

Trees askew
Tossed about
Toothpick logs
Twist and shout

Bobbin’ gull
Rides the hell
Dis and reappears
On this roller coaster swell

Heater’s blastin’
Auto’s leaning
Side to side
Raindrops gleaming

At the Bobo moat
Don your winter coat

Right here today on the Bo Bay

January 20, 2010


Rancho Nicasio
Friday, January 22 - Winter Luau: Led Kaapana and Fran Guidry
Saturday, January 23 - Jonny Vegas and High Rollers
Sunday, January 24 - Dan and Berry Show

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Thursday January 21 - Music and Words: An Evening with Catherine David / 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, January 23 - John Jorgenson Quintet / 8 p.m.
Sunday, January 24 - Point Reyes Books Country Arts & Lectures: Jacob Needleman: Author of What is God?

Station House Cafe
Sunday, January 24 - TBA

Smiley's Schooner Saloon
Wednesday, January 20 - Larry's Karaoke
Thursday, January 21 - New Band Show Case
Friday, January 22 - Blue Diamond Philips
Saturday, January 23 - Tom Finch
Sunday, January 24 - Open Mic, w/ New Moon Players
Monday, January 25 - Spin, Reggae / Hip Hop
Tuesday, January 26 - Midnight on the Water

Old Western Saloon
Friday, January 22 - Buckaroo J Bonet
Saturday, January 23 - Scallywags

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Saturday, January 23 - A cappella world folk: “Fill As Desired,” by Amy X Neuburg & Solstice / 8 p.m.

Peri's, Fairfax
Wednesday, January 20 - Whiskey Pills Fiasco
Friday, January 22 - Rusty Evans and Ring of Fire
Saturday, January 23 - Jon Korty and Friends
Sunday, January 24 - TBA
Monday, January 25 - Open Mic
Tuesday, January 26 - Key Lime Pie

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, January 20 - New Bands
Thursday, January 21 - Metal Shop: 80's Hair Metal, and Knight Drive
Friday, January 22 - Dance Hall: Konshens and Homegrown Band
Saturday, January 23 - Soldiers welcome home Tribute
Sunday, January 24 - Dori and Dave, Jeb Brady

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Saturday, January 23 - Comedy with Mort Sable and Dick Gregory
Sunday, January 24 - Birds of Paradise: Daria, Roberta Donnay and Wendy Waller / 4 p.m .

Masonic Hall, Mill Valley
Saturday, January 23 - David Lindley

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma
Friday, January 22 - Chick Prophet w/ Jesse DeNatale

Rocker Oysterfellers, Valley Ford
Sunday, January 24 - Mickie Lee Prasad