April 16, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Thursday, April 15, 2010

-Jon Moore

Lime green
Splotch's spread
Down hillsides seen
O’er a seal's head

Poking through
Cherub sized
Water smoothed
Big brown eyes

Beach galore
Stretch far and wide
Sand as much
As stars on high
(at night)

Gray moved in
Dropped ten degrees
Wind chill factored
Made me sneeze

Dogs ramble to and fro
A Lab takes a dip
Folks ramble too and so
The fresh seen sun
Can warm our wit

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

April 7, 2010


The Old Western Saloon
Friday, April 9 - Lariats of fire
Saturday, April 10 - Twang Ditty
Sunday, April 11 - the Huddy,s

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, April 9 - Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas
Saturday, April 10 - This Old Earthquake

Station House Cafe
Sunday, April 11 - Paul Knight & Friends

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Saturday, April 10 - Kitka, a benefit for the Community Center

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, April 9 - F.L.I. High, Microwave, High Class, I Think My Name is Andy
Saturday, April 10 - Wayward Guns - Cloverleaf Drive, The Blenders, Kids With Guns

McNear's Mystic, Petaluma
Thursday, April 8 - Beer Pairing Night
Sunday, April 11 - Sean Hayes plus Green String Farm Band
Tuesday, April 13 - An Evening with Dark Star Orchestra

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Thursday, April 8 - Lloyd Brown w/Soundproof
Friday, April 9 - Too Short
Saturday, April 10 - Mill Valley Philharmonic
Sunday, April 11 - Erika Alstrom CD Release Party

Peri's, Fairfax
Wednesday, April 7 - Whiskey Pills Fiasco
Thursday, April 8 - Antar Blue Band
Friday, April 9 - Cole Tate Band
Saturday, April 10 - Night at the Opry 2: Danny Montana & the Bar Association, Rusty Evans and Ring of Fire, Alex Call and Holy Cow. Benefits the SF NARAS Musical Instrument Drive

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, April 7 - David Talbot with Phil Bronstein / 7:30 p.m.
Friday, April 9 - Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm King

Mill Valley Masonic Hall
Saturday, April 10 - Aaron Redner / 8 p.m.

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, April 9 - ED EARLEY BAND
Saturday, April 10 - Shana Morrison
Sunday, April 11 - WTJ2: Featuring Wendy Fitz

April 6, 2010

April 2, 2010

Bo Bay Today, Wed., March 31, 2010

-Jon Moore

Sculpted from tides
Liquid chopped sides
Going to come again
Hard to say
Where or when

Sands of time
Rest on these shores


Mountain tops melted

Residing in these sculpted shears
For this moment only
In all of earth’s years

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Bo Bay Today, Wed. March 24, 2010

-Jon Moore
Change range

Look anew
One lone gull
Staring at you

Morn scorn
Squeal deal
Feed me
Be real

Even critters
Inside me
They be lookin’
For something to eat

Dogs a’walk
Pull their masters
Who walks who?
Who walks faster?

Here it is
This is it
Harbor seals
Twist and dip
Roll and flip

What a trip

-Right here today on the Bo Bay