August 31, 2009

Strange Geometry

*PMH Mixtape 003 - Strange Geometry, Mixed by DJ K-ROCK
No tape involved

The good folks over at *Pardon My Hindi have done it again. Last time it was Koushik (StonesThrow Records) next time, who knows? It might be you... If you don't like it, don't tell me about it.

August 29, 2009

A World Full of People

Maybe its my friends, or my age, but I find myself increasingly embarrassed about the fact that I listen to the radio. It just seems... cute next to the Internet. Oddly – again maybe its just me – but I don't want to have complete control over what I listen to. Decisions can be too crippling and I often learn more from what other people like. Another reason why radio still matters: live programmers.

That said, Radiolab continues to be one of the best programs available, even though it's (overly) produced at WNYC. The new, sixth season just started in August so we have a few new episodes to get with before dipping back into re-runs again. Really, it's that good. They take the classic, "good cop/bad cop" routine using your own curiosity against you to unwind the most complex of subjects: today's was "Diagnosis." Finally a talk-based program that puts the focus back on the act of listening.

Down load or podcast Radiolab and bypass the entirely incomprehensible schedule from your local provider.


As for listening: Here's my top three this week...

1. “Blind Alley,” The Emotions - Untouched

2. “I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More, Baby,” Kellee Patterson

3. “Inner City Blues,” Brian Auger's Oblivioun Express

August 27, 2009

Bo Bay Today - Wednesday, August 26

-- By Jon Moore

A hollow roar emanates from

Dinky one-foot waves break, no…
collapse in squashy unison
dispersing salty
crunchy bubbles

Balanced between the waterfowl
filled sky and shore


by the wannabe-a-cacophony




Right here today on the bo bay

August 26, 2009


Old Western Saloon
Friday, August 28 - Ed Earle Band
Saturday, August 29 - Sacred Profanities

Station House Cafe
Sunday, August 30 - Dale Polissar with Si Perkoff

Smiley’s Schooner Saloon
Thursday, August 27 - LADIE'S NIGHT
Friday, August 29 - GEORGE HAGGERTY
Saturday, August 30 - TOM FINCH BAND
Sunday, August 31 - OPEN MIC with DIANA
Monday, September 1 - Sucker Free

Rancho Nicasio
Saturday, August 29 - STEVE LUCKY and the RHUMBA BUMS
Sunday, August 30 - MITCH WOODS’ BOOGIE WOOGIE and BBQ

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
Friday, August 28 - Movie Night: Cool Running's / 7:30 p.m.

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, August 27 - Phenomenauts, Re-Volts, Left Alone, Planet of the Apes.
Saturday, August 28 - Dave Allen Coe, Hardly Likely

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma
Friday, August 28 - Petaluma Wine, Jazz & Blues Festival: Pete Escovedo Latin Jazz Orchestra, The Down Lowe
Tuesday, September 1 - Papa Grows Funk, Frobeck

Peri’s, Fairfax
Thursday, August 27 - Blue Diamond Fillups
Friday, August 28 - Honeydust
Saturday, August 29 - Sage
Sunday, August 30 - Doggie Jomo
Monday, August 31 - Songwriters night
Tuesday, September - open mic

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Thursday, August 27 - The UK Subs
Friday, August 28 - Wonderbread 5
Saturday, August 29 - Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra
Sunday, August 30 - Dori & Dave

142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley
Thursday, August 27 - Solo Cissokho: Global Kora Master / 8 p.m.
Friday, August 28 - CD Release Concert: Ian Dogole & Hemispheres, Crossroads / 8 p.m.
Saturday, August 29 - Saturday, August 29 - Austin de Lone and the Soul Blues Review
Sunday, August 30 - Mostly Dylan: new perspectives on the music of Bob Dylan

August 21, 2009

Bo Bay Today, Friday, August 21, 2009

-- by Jon Moore

Flitting shadows of three
Flapping cormorants
Race up the channel
Melting into thick air
As the squad gains altitude

Soon squad two arrives
Shadows rise
Black bodies flare
Into foggy skies

Drain plug pulled
Lagoon feeders stand frozen
In the depleting narrow streams
Staring between their legs
Ponder breakfast dreams

Off-shore pelly huddle
Sand bar hosts some twenty
From shore they are surfing
Or resting
Waiting as incoming waves
Wash their feet, igniting
A frenzied lift-off

Right here today on the Bo Bay

August 19, 2009

DJ Matis'ssss Playlissst


The Old Western Saloon
Friday, August 21 - Ruckus
Saturday, August 22 - Twang Ditty

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, August 21 - Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: Join Emmy and Sundance-award-winning filmmaker Judy Irving and “birdman” Mark Bittner for a screening and discussion of the documentary (G rated, running time: 1 hour, 23 minutes) / 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 22 - Paula West Quartet / 8 p.m.

Smiley's Schooner Saloon
Thursday, August 20 - MOTHER MAGICA
Friday, August 21 - SAVANNA BLUE
Saturday, August 22 - Mushrooms
Sunday, August 23 - OPEN MIC New Moon Players
Monday, August 24 - SUCKER FREE

Station House Cafe
Sunday, August 23 - Pete Madsen

Phoenix Theater
Friday, August 21 - Forrest Day, Dizzy Balloon, Django James and the Midnight Squires
Saturday, August 22 - THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW / 11 p.m.

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma
Saturday, August 22 - Petaluma Film Fest Short Film Showcase /16& over
Friday, August 28 - Petaluma Wine, Jazz & Blues Festival: Pete Escovedo Latin Jazz Orchestra, The Down Lowe (All proceeds benefit music education programs for Petaluma area schools)

Peri’s, Fairfax
Wednesday, August 19 - Sacred Profanities
Thursday, August 20 - Raman’s Songwritters
Friday, August 21 - Samuka
Saturday, August 22 - 35 R
Sunday, August 23 - Doggie Jomo
Monday, August 24 - Open mic
Tuesday, August 25 - Corner Laughers

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Thursday, August 20 - Critical Measures Trio
Friday, August 21 - Melvin Seals & JGB
Saturday, August 22 - Reyna's Reggae Birthday Bash feat. Dancehall Artiste WASP

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, August 21 - JOHNNY VEGAS and the HIGH ROLLERS
Saturday, August 22 - LEE PRESS-ON and the NAILS
Sunday, August 23 - LUAU on the Lawn: w/ The LegendaryWillie K and special guest Joe Cano

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Thursday, August 20 - Mads Tolling Quartet
Saturday, August 22 - The Heart and Soul of the Blues: John Lee Hooker Foundation Birthday Celebration and Fundraise
Sunday, August 23 - SheBang: Shana Morrison, Kim McLean, Devin O'Day, and Eve Selis

August 14, 2009

Anybody recognize this? What year this is from?

Bo Bay Today, Wed. August 12, 2009

-- By Jon Moore

Thick dense
On the coast
Cool’s the mist

Early risers
Some are misers
With coffee they sip
Some don’t leave a tip

Fish food frenzy
Over the wall
Leftover chum
A gull free-for-all

Squawks startle
The faint of heart
Quickly recover
As the mist breaks apart

Behold the sun
Melting the dew
Like a well-delivered sermon
To folks in the pews

Right here today on the Bo Bay

August 13, 2009

Okay, I'm usually not much of a fan-boy, but what's not to like about this? Tommy Guerrero, Money Mark and Shawn Lee? Together?! Love it... seriously, I had to listen to this a couple times. The full album is due September 8.

LIVE in 5-4-3-2-1...

August 12, 2009


Old Western Saloon
Friday, August 15 - Buckaroo J. Bonet, / 9 p.m.
Saturday, August 16 - Burnt / 9 p.m.

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, August 14 - Solo Cissokho: Kora Master from Senegal joins Flamenco guitarist Michael "Firefingers" Olsen, for a world music concert / 8 p.m.
Saturday, August 15 - An Evening in Honor of the Sacred Honeybee: traditional Bulgarian rituals dedicated to the honeybee, including live Bulgarian music by Karina Guggenheim (gaida/Bulgarian bagpipes) Jana Mariposa (tupan, Bulgarian drum) and the Melissae Ensemble, (Eastern European singing ensemble of six women). Music, poetry, dance, and speakers include Marguerite Rigoglioso PhD, speaking on the relationship of bees to the ancient Mediterranean goddesses and priestesses / 7 p.m.

Smiley’s Schooner Saloon
Thursday, August 13 - DEAREST
Friday, August 14 - SUCKER FREE
Saturday, August 15 - JUST FRIENDS
Sunday, August 16 - OPEN MIC New Moon Players

Bolinas Community Center
Sunday August 16 - Bolinas Non-Profit/Village Meeting / 3:30 - 6 p.m.

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Friday, August 14 - Mental Conflict, Body or Brain, Nana de Carlo, Waters
Saturday, August 15 - The Disciples, Holy Rolemodel, The B-Cups, Nontoxic, Entangled

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, August 14 - Crazy in Love with Patsy Cline
Saturday, August 15 - STOMPY JONES
Sunday, August 16 - The Kronos Quartet / 4 p.m.

Mystic Theatre, Petaluma
Tuesday, August 18 - Xavier Rudd, Jeremy Fisher

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Wednesday, August 12 - Vernon Ice Black and Chris Mauze, Roadhead / 8 p.m.
Thursday, August 13 - Kinloch Nelson / 8 p.m.
Friday, August 14 - George Kuo, Martin Pahinui, Aaron Mahi and Bobby Ingano: Hawaiian slack key
Saturday, August 15 - Joel Grey in Concert
Sunday, August 16 - Los Pinguos Latin Rhythms / 7:30 p.m.

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Thursday, August 13 - Chopper 5, High Fidels / 9:30 p.m.
Friday, August 14 - SAMBADA & Dj Beset / 9:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 15 - Zion-I / 9:30 p.m.

Rocker Oysterfeller’s
Sunday, August 16 - Pink Sabbath

William Tell House
Saturday, August 15 - Band and B.B.Q.

Peri’s, Fairfax
Wednesday, August 12 - Eldon Brown Band
Thursday, August 13 - Cole Tate Band
Friday, August 14 - Jinx Jones and the KingTones
Saturday, August 15 - Holdouts
Monday, August 17 - Billy D’s Acoustic Open mic
Tuesday, August 18 - Emily Bonn, Deborah Crooks, Chantelle Tibbs

August 5, 2009


Old Western Saloon
Friday, August 7 - Carribean R & B
Saturday, August 8 - Acme Blues Band

Rancho Nicasio
Friday, August 7 - RANCHO ALLSTARS
Saturday, August 8 - JUST-TRUCKIN
Sunday, August 9 - Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs / 4 p.m.

Station House Cafe
Sunday, August 9 - New Copasetics: Tim Eschlimann, Sean Allen and Gailene Grillo

Smiley’s Schooner Saloon
Wednesday, August 5 - LARRY'S KARAOKE
Thursday, August 6 - THE MUSHROOMS
Saturday, August 8 - JIMBO TROUT & THE FISH PEOPLE
Sunday, August 9 - OPEN MIC New Moon Players
Monday, August 10 - SUCKER FREE

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Friday, August 7 thru Sunday, August 9 - Summer Stock Players Present: Arsenic and Old Lace

142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Thursday, August 6 - Kathryn Keats with Michael Manring, Kevin Gerzevitz, Celso Alberti, Joe Venegoni and Barbara Else / 8 p.m.

Mystic, Petaluma
Wednesday, August 5 - Westcoast Songwriters Northbay Competition Playoffs with host Jan White
Thursday, August 6 - Johnny Winter
Friday, August 7 - Sol Horizon CD release: "Party Revolution" with special guest Pato Banton
Saturday, August 8 - Wonderbread 5
Sunday, August 9 - Gregory Isaacs

Phoenix Theater, Petaluma
Thursday, August 6 - Pellica, Stalin's Moustache, Hellotherelittleone, Sunday Made My Summer, Mystery Invention
Friday, August 7 - VX36, Ammo Wagon, An Archaic Smile, The Athiarchists
Saturday, August 8 - Psychosomatic, DJ Attacks the Darkness, Krypteia, DJ Patchwor, Say Bok Gwai, DJ KuDjo, Dynamite Expelle, The Cones, Tempest, Side Arm Girl Thrower

19 Broadway, Fairfax
Wednesday, August 5 - Buddy Owen and Diamond Ortiz
Thursday, August 6 - Susan Z, El Radio Fantastique
Friday, August 7 - First Friday - reggae / dancehall
Saturday, August 8 - The Blasters, The Doghouse Lords
Sunday, August 9 - 19 Broadway Sunday Jazz Series

Peri’s Farifax
Wednesday, August 5 - Jeb’s Twangfest
Thursday, August 6 - All Ways Elvis
Friday, August 7 - Ruckus
Saturday, August 8 - Vinyl