August 29, 2009

A World Full of People

Maybe its my friends, or my age, but I find myself increasingly embarrassed about the fact that I listen to the radio. It just seems... cute next to the Internet. Oddly – again maybe its just me – but I don't want to have complete control over what I listen to. Decisions can be too crippling and I often learn more from what other people like. Another reason why radio still matters: live programmers.

That said, Radiolab continues to be one of the best programs available, even though it's (overly) produced at WNYC. The new, sixth season just started in August so we have a few new episodes to get with before dipping back into re-runs again. Really, it's that good. They take the classic, "good cop/bad cop" routine using your own curiosity against you to unwind the most complex of subjects: today's was "Diagnosis." Finally a talk-based program that puts the focus back on the act of listening.

Down load or podcast Radiolab and bypass the entirely incomprehensible schedule from your local provider.


As for listening: Here's my top three this week...

1. “Blind Alley,” The Emotions - Untouched

2. “I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More, Baby,” Kellee Patterson

3. “Inner City Blues,” Brian Auger's Oblivioun Express

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