November 3, 2009

Pretty Lights

Yes. They just came through the Bay Area a few nights ago. Yes, they're getting a lot of good press these days. Yes, they're very young and use too much of the same weird synth noises. But I liked this album.

A few of these tracks kick ass. They need real vocal support instead of the existing, disconnected, dare I say "hanging" threads (nods to GrandMaster Flash being the exception: do it!). But, look – they're young, and we can clearly expect more good things to come!

The tracks are well-timed, that is: you get enough of what you want here. They also deserve credit for venturing into the "free" market, the bold new territory pioneered by Radiohead. Download it. If you like it make a donation.

from derekvincentsmith on Vimeo.


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