April 27, 2009

Blank Blue at the Egg, SF - 4/23

“Till the slow sea rise and sheer cliff crumble”

Elvin Estela, aka Nobody, has been an All Day Music favorite since his Soulmates single, “Outbreak.” This time Estela joins Niki Randa in Blank Blue, a very young band building on Estela’s psychedelic perversions. Their album describes hypothetical Armageddon: a massive earthquake off the west coast of the United States sometime in the future. The quake triggers a separation of the west from the rest of the country, creating a whirlpool of devastation in its wake.

Nobody’s independent approach captures something classic in the California sound. Estela agreed in an interview with L.A. Record, “How we live is how we listen. Stoned? I don’t know if stoned means necessarily high on pot all the time, but it’s a little murky, a little slow… that’s how music out here sounds. The world is not really mellow and slow now—that’s why people like New York—but soon they’ll come back to us... Subtly heavy, not gothy or satanic—it’s heavy-hearted.”

The latest installment shows-off Estela’s live guitar chops in “DJ Nobody Presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. 2.” You’ll probably want this if you plan on surviving the summer to come.

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