April 8, 2009

Celebrating Ten Years.

Raising $30,000 in ten days isn’t easy, but as they say, Many hands make light work.

During our pledge drive you may have heard talk of KWMR's Ten-Year Anniversary. The All Day Music Show has been around since the beginning.

KWMR is, no doubt, a special radio station. Listeners and volunteers are our lifeblood. We'd be nowhere without you. Your donation is essential to basic station operations and you can be sure that you've made a sound investment: You're money stays “in the family,” coming right back to you – instantly – with KWMR's diverse range of music shows and lively talk/public affairs programming.

You deserve the best! So swing by the office and pick up your premiums, drop off your cash or check.

We're especially grateful to Chris Giacomini for hosting our remote broadcast from Toby's Feed Barn, Stellina mastermind Christian Caiazzo, Adrienne Pfeiffer, David Cook the Coast Cafe.

As usual, we also owe a huge thanks to the mayor of Bivalve for wielding a hot waffler in one hand and the remote gear at once.

Now, that’s using your media.

p.s. - Stay tuned for more on KWMR's Ten Year Anniversary, but for now, here's to all of you.

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