June 3, 2009


Who’s job should it be to listen all day to dirty records and decide if you can? We can, and do, but that’s not the point. Guess who else... Zappa (#8).

And the Playlist goes:
1. George Benson, “the Changing World” - Bad Benson

2. Isley Brothers, “Highways of my Life” - Harvest for the World

3. Herbie Hancock, Come Running to Me - Sunlight

OH GOD! More white wine...

4. Graham Nash, Chicago - Songs for Beginners

5. Eddie Senay, Aint No Sunshine

6. Pink Floyd, One of These Days - Meddle

7. Weather Report, Young and Fine - Mr. Gone

8. Frank Zappa, Penguin in Bondage - but if you’ve ever wondered about the origins of FCC Censorship, don’t miss FZ slaying ‘em in person, here on Crossfire, from god-knows-when.

While we’re at it, why not go the full... um... all the way, and see Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher,” too? Hard to say what’s the most offensive object is here.

9. Bernard Wright, Haboglabotribin' - Nard

...And today’s Guilty Pleasure... Pat Benatar, Hearbreaker

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