July 7, 2009

The Groove Merchant

Soul legend William Pulliam, (aka Darondo) is known for salacious live performances. He’s still living in the Bay Area and has received considerably more attention lately, after appearing on a compilation from renowned digger and BBC 1 DJ, Gilles Peterson – (Brownswood USA). That album starts off with the 1973 single, “Didn’t I.”

Darondo recorded two other hit singles during the early 1970s, “Legs” and “Let My People Go,” which were compiled and re-released as the EP, Let My People Go on San Francisco’s Luv N Haight, an imprint for Ubiquity Records, which is now a sweet, if a little boutique -y, record shop in the lower Haight.

The legend is, that Darondo recorded only those three singles and played just four live shows then quit show business after opening for James Brown. During his hiatus he became a collector, “the king of Bay Area cable” with three shows per day, and worked as a physical therapist coaxing patients to walk again. Lucky for us, he’s touring again with some backing help from Ubiquity’s Nino Moschella. Catch Darondo and his backers at this year’s Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park. The line-up’s wild, and so is the price.

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