July 8, 2009

07-08-09, I’m Learning to Edit

1. Originals, “Sunrise” (4:09) - Down to Love Town (Motown)

2. George McCrae, “I Get Lifted” - Rock Your Baby

3. The Rolling Stones, “We Love You”

4. Wavves, “Sun Opens My Eyes” (3:14)

5. Sleepy Hollow, “Sincerely Yours”

6. Chrome, “Critical Mass”

7. Brother To Brother, “Visions”

8. George Benson, “No Sooner Said Than Done” - Bad Benson

9. Horace Andy, “Skylarking” - Studio One Rockers

10. James Brown, “Hot”

11. Four Tet, “Joy” - Everything Ecstatic

12. Chip E, “Time To Jack”

13. Cameron Paul, “Sexy Dancer”

14. Ann Margret, “Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime”

15. Goldie Alexander, “I Want To Spend My Life With You”

16. First Touch, “Let Me Get Next To You”

17. Herbie Hancock, “Can't hide your love” (3:51)

18. Donald Byrd, “Think Twice”

19. Nightmares on Wax, “Ethnic Majority” - Carboot Soul

20. Lovage, “Pitstop” - Songs to make you love your old lady

21. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Dragon Queen” - Its Blitz

22. Les Savy Fav, “Comes and Goes” - Let's Stay Friends

23. Pixies, “Vamos a la playa” - Come on Pilgrim

24. Mos Def, “No hay nada mas” and “Pretty Danger” - The Ecstatic

25. Simple Kid, “Staring at the Sun”

26. Ozomatli, “Cut Chemist Suite”

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