July 16, 2009

So Much Better Late...

1. Brian and Brenda Russell, “A Word Called Love” - Word Called Love
2. Jerry Butler, “No Money Down” - You and Me
3. Valerie Simpson, “Silly Wasn’t I” - Collection
- This one sort of serves as our “hot-outfit-for-late summer” installation this week. There will be more.

4. Adriano Celentano, “Do Dae” - Yuppi Du
5. Jimi Hendrix, “Little Miss Lover” - Axis: Bold As Love

6. Champaign, “Lighten Up”
7. Fat Larry’s Band, “Act Like You Know
8. Everyday People, “World Full of People”
- This was a tough one to find, gimme a minute...
9. Major Lazer, “Can’t Stop Now” - Gun’s Don’t Kill People... Lazers Do
- Check this other video of theirs, it's cartoonish like the cover. youtube says "Embedding disabled by request."

10. Easy Star All Stars, “When I’m Sixty-Four” - Lonely Hearts Dub Band

11. MC Solaar, “Prose Combat”

12. M.I.A., “Bingo” - Arular
13. Does It Offend You? Yeah?, “Dawn of the Dead” - You Have No Idea

14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Soft Shock” - It’s Blitz
15. Most Def, “Casa Bey” - The Ecstatic
16. Diplo, “Smash A Kangaroo” - Decent Work for Decent Pay
17. Santogold, “L.E.S. Artistes,”

18. Sean Hayes, “Hip Kids,” Flowering Spade
19. Albino!, “La Koolie,”

20. Cristina, “
You Rented A Space

21. Yoko Ono, “
Hell In Paradise (Dub Version)

22. Calvin Harris, “Colours” - I Created Disco
23. First Touch, “
Pleasure For Your Treasure”
24. Carmen, “
Time To Move”
25. Deodato, “Keep On Movin'”
26. I Believe In Miracles, Jackson Sisters

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